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Welcome to my occasionally-updated web site!

I'm an electronics designer and programmer by profession, having developed an interest in computers in my early teens from watching "Open university" programs on TV.

At the time (early 1970s) I was told by my teachers that I was wasting time studying computers and they would never be any real use. I'm rather glad I ignored them!

I started my own business designing and repairing electronics before I left school, then a few years later met two like-minded radio and electronics enthusiasts. Between us we formed JRW Developments, which has now been running successfully for 40+ years.

We mainly work with industrial control systems and machine tools now, both repairing them and programming new systems.

My other long-term interests are Amateur Radio, especially digital modes, music and audio equipment - both listening and playing, repairing guitars (which I'm far better at than playing them), computers, 3D printing, watches and various other mostly-technical side interests.

My Youtube channel, updated rather more often than this site,  is here:

Robert Jenkins Technology Channel