This is the electronic pendulum driver system, presently at the stripboard prototype stage.


The schematic and photos of the stripboard build are included or linked below, together with the three Youtube videos covering the test build and circuit operation.


Youtube videos:-

The driver circuit operating on a wooden frame lash-up pendulum: Electronic Pendulum

The prototype stripboard build, in detail: Pendulum driver on stripboard

Extracting the coil I used in these from a 12V relay: Relay coil extraction

The original spring contact based electromagnetic pendulum video: Electromagnetic pendulum


The schematic diagram:



Photos of the stripboard build:


The white wire that vanishes under the 4093 socket connects to pins 12 & 13, it's the signal from the comparator output.

The 1K resistor in the same hole column as the coil wires is the added 1K for the test LED.